Police brutality: Disabled Dagenham man punched by police after false arrest

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Only this month has Allan Jude received compensation, after he was assaulted by police officers and taken to Fresh Wharf Custody Base in June 2011- Jude Allan suffered injuries after being mistaken for another man by police officers

A disabled dad who spent a night in a cell after police officers wrongly arrested him, has finally received compensation – almost five years later.

Allan Jude, 62, was punched in the ribs, handcuffed and detained after he was mistaken for someone who had been drink-driving and then assaulted a police officer.

He was leaving his then home in Becontree Avenue, Dagenham, in June 2011 when the nightmare began.

“An officer came to handcuff me – they were both trying to grab me,” recalled the former carpet fitter, who now lives in Marks Gate.

“Suddenly a load more arrived and there were eight of them. They jumped out of a van and punched me in the ribs and in the belly.”

Allan was taken to Fresh Wharf Custody Base in Barking where he was kept in a cell for more than five hours.

He was refused his medication for diabetic neuropathy, a condition which causes him chronic pain in his toes.

He says the agony got so bad that he had to repeatedly kick against the cell wall for relief, leaving him with bruised and swollen toes.

He has now received £6,000 compensation from the Met but says it is not enough to make up for what happened

“I’m not at all happy with it,”

Allan said.

“I don’t think they [the police] should get away with it. They made me feel humiliated and degraded and I hadn’t done anything wrong. They made me feel like a criminal.”

Allan says that he is constantly frightened as a result of what happened.

“When you hear sirens or see police cars whizzing by you think they are going to jump out on you,” he said.

“It’s horrible to feel like that. A passing ambulance will make me jump.

“I think about it [what happened] all the time.”

A spokesman for Metropolitan Police confirmed they had settled a claim but declined to comment further.

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