Watch Anonymous fire chilling threat to Police Scotland over Allan Bryant: Help family or we will serve justice on YOU

Anonymous fire chilling threat to Police Scotland

A video has been posted online threatening Police Scotland from an account claiming to be online hacking group ‘Anonymous’.

The message specifically targets Fife police working on the missing person case involving Allan Bryant – and makes reference to Police Scotland headquarters in Glenrothes.

The footage purports to come from global hacktivists Anonymous, and warns police that they will intitiate their own justice “against you and your officers” if the force does not do more to have the culprits who may have harmed Allan brought to justice.

Allan was last seen in the early hours of Sunday November 3 leaving Styx nightclub in Glenrothes.

Allan steps outside
Allan steps outside

His family are convinced he’s been murdered and his father, also Allan, has been critical of the police investigation and the lack of progress.

Dad Allan Bryant said:

“The way they’ve handled my son’s disappearance is nothing short of a disgrace. I have so many issues with Fife police.

“The worst thing is we know we’re actually looking for skeletal remains now.”

A disguised voice on the Anonymous video states: “This is a message to Police Scotland. We are aware of your lack of cooperation with the family of missing man Allan Bryant junior.

“As civil servants it is your responsibility to serve the needs of your public. All you have done is failed the Bryant family.

“This is a warning to Police Scotland and particularly the Glenrothes Police headquarters – should you not to more to have the culprits that have harmed Allan Bryant junior brought to justice then we are going to initiate our very own justice against you and your officers.

“We are more than anyone thinks. We are many. We are anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us.”

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